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Kareth, Jan 22, 13 5:31 PM.
Our sister guild on the Imp side is now active and raiding with two TFB HMs per week. If you have an Imp toon and aren't in the guild let us know. We're doing most of the same things in IMPressive that we do in Chatos.

Keep signing up for raids

Kareth, Jan 17, 13 1:52 PM.
Our first TFB 16 man HM was pretty successful, we one shot several bosses and got all the way to TFB herself (pics forthcoming). Be sure to keep signing up for raid slot using the link in Guild Description.

We currently have 4 TFBs and 2 NiM ECs setup for this week, so let's fill them up.

Nightmare Vorgath

Kareth, Dec 13, 12 12:42 PM.
Not the most exciting fight, but we got it!

Finally! EC NiM Progress

Kareth, Dec 12, 12 7:31 PM.
We finally got the tanks and Vorgath down. Tank Kill video below, Vorgath soon. Kephess fight this weekend!

New Raid Signups

Kareth, Nov 26, 12 12:35 PM.
Our new raid scheduler is live. Make sure to sign up if you want to raid:
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